As a rule, justice is that, which is happening to us right now.”

On the day I celebrated by 40th birthday, I began to work as an independent and private attorney-at-law. This was not always the case, so first I would like to say a few words about my past.

I was born in Brno, city district of Líšeň where I also spent my childhood during the dark totalitarian era without any exceptional upheavals and on that occasion, as if by the way, finished my studies at primary school in which a nowadays unheard of family environment reigned.
So, just like the vast majority of my fellow pupils, it was far from clear what would or should become of me. I was certain of only one thing and that was that I did not want to be a cosmonaut. In the middle of the 1980s I graduated from the “Grammar School on Křenová”.
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After a short struggle for further educational development, I was accepted in the graduation year of 1985 at the Faculty of Law at the Jan Evangelista Purkyně University (now the Masaryk University) in Brno. I believe that graduating from the faculty of law at that decisive time of slowly dying socialism in our country did not deviate in any way from the standards usual then.
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Already during my time at the faculty I devoted all of my efforts to my aim, which was work in the field of advocacy, at that time still a state-run organisation, an aim that I achieved in August 1989 with my acceptance at a legal aid office in Vyškov. My mentor at that time - and also to this very day - was JUDr. Plhal, head of the legal aid office and also the commissioner of the testing committee at the Bar Association for administrative law. The most important thing my coach imparted to me was classic legal training as he was a continuous successor of the attorneys-at-law of the First Republic. A definite minus point was the brevity of my experience in Vyškov, because in October 1989 I started by basic military training. The Velvet Revolution meant that state-run advocacy was cancelled along with my position and I came back from my military training as one of the unemployed. At that time I was advised by the chairman of the Southern Moravian Bar Association, which was coming to the end of its time, to call round my colleagues and see if anybody needed an articled clerk. And they did. JUDr. Boleslav Pospíšil, an erudite professional, above all in the field of Civil Law – material and procedural. For two years of my time as an articled clerk here I gained experience, underwent all of the necessary problems and gradually won my spurs.

After this, still during my compulsory experience as an articled clerk, I changed my coach. My next and currently last employer was JUDr. Roman Heyduk who especially practiced law with an international element and commercial law. He was able in an exemplary manner to analyse problems in-depth and deduce an unexpectedly logical solution from individual and insignificant circumstantial evidence. Apart from expanding my legal expertise, here I was able to also gain experience of how to read people and their characters.

After this it was only the oncoming maturity into manhood that caused my separation and determination of new goals, transformed into the current reality.


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